Mixed Media: Eldest Son

Eldest Son 20x15 Mixed Media on Illustration Board
While stamping, tearing and gluing at the same art-making-party mentioned in the last post, I started this larger piece and finished it in the studio.  My reference photo was a slide snapped in 1960, and I had planned to include things in the room like a vintage tv set, etc. but decided there was enough going on with all the blocks of pattern and the central figures. (You can see the beginnings of this one at the bottom of this post.)  This art is available in my Etsy shop.

Collage of rubber stamped paper all around a painted face
Loose & painterly; out of my comfort zone, but good exercise.
Reference photo and work in process
It's best to do these sorts of projects at someone else's house,
because you make a huge mess. :)
Layering painted and stamped paper behind a loose drawing
 to get things started.  I used watercolor & gouache to paint the faces.
 Art Quote
Social gatherings brought other teenagers to our home, and for the first time Sandy (Alexander Calder 1898-1976) and I became aware of the general attitude towards nudity. We were surprised and embarrassed for reasons we could not understand by the sly looks and salacious remarks of two boys from Ossining. Mortified, I went weeping to Mother, who tried earnestly but unsuccessfully to explain why charcoal drawings of nudes by my parents' friends Robert Henri and Everet Shinn were ART and therefore acceptable for living room display, whereas photographs of undressed persons were not.  Having been surrounded by paintings and statues of unclothed figures all our lives, Sandy and I had never given the matter much thought. Suddenly, the attitudes of our new friends became all-important, and the next time they came, we took down the offending drawings and hid them behind the piano.
Margaret Calder Hayes ~Three Alexander Calders, 1977


Barbara Muir said...

Love the painting. And the quote is funny. My sons would have been very uncomfortable growing up with life studies on the walls. It wouldn't have mattered to them a bit whether they were art.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Barbara
Of course I did life drawings, and even paintings of nudes. Not acceptable for our walls. Hey kids!

Maud Guilfoyle said...

Love what you do with portraits from old photos. It's tricky, not a lot of people can manage it.

Pattie Wall said...

I love this idea and method. Going to try some myself soon. What adhesive did you use on the stamped pieces onto illustration board? This little boy is so precious looking.

Sonja Häusl-Vad said...

wow, I have found your blog today. That is really great collage! Beautiful!

Celia Blanco said...

I love the final image.The texture is very unique and fits beatifully with the figures.

Belinda Del Pesco said...

@Pattie, Thanks for the compliment. The precious little boy is a precious man now (my husband). :) The adhesive I used through out all of these pieces is Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish. I love the stuff. It works excellent as a sealing medium on collagraphs for printmaking too.

Belinda Del Pesco said...

@Celia, @Sonja, @Maud and @Barbara - Thanks so much for the encouragement! xo :)