Mixed Media: Dream Guardian

Dream Guardian 7x7.25 Mixed Media on Illustration Board
A couple decades ago, I made a whole box of hand-carved rubber stamps from erasers. Recently, a good friend of mine invited me over for an afternoon of art-making, and to kick off the day, we looked at art by the late, great Gustav Klimt (1862-1918), and contemporary mixed media artist Ann Bagby. With my old rubber stamps, assorted paint, paper, and printed images of paintings & drawings from my archives, I played with pattern on pattern, and made the art above - Dream Guardian. (It's available in my Etsy shop.)

A pile of hand-carved rubber stamps and assorted paints

Pigment stained, rubber stamped paper with random patterns

A sleeping dreamer, and a guardian, collaged onto illustration board

Art Quote
In the early ages of Christianity the schools of art were the monasteries, and the books produced were almost wholly of a religious character; chiefly copies of the Bible and the Gospels. In the richer establishments, no amount of labour or cost was spared in the production of these sacred volumes, more especially the latter. The most skilful scribes were employed on the text, and the artists who produced the ornamental embellishments of the most choice examples displayed an almost incredible amount of invention, ingenuity, and patience. Nor were these precious volumes preserved in caskets unworthy of the labour bestowed on their execution, or the reverence with which they were regarded. Binding formed of plates of gold, and of silver, enriched with precious stones, with gems, and with crystals, with carvings in ivory, and the most precious enamels, were profusely employed for these costly coverings.
The Art of Illumination, as Practiced During the Middle Ages - by Henry Shaw 1870  


dinahmow said...

Well, I can certainly see the Klimt influence, Belinda.

Barbara Muir said...

Beautiful Belinda, and super quote.
reminds me of a book we listened to two summers ago called The People of the Book, by Geraldine Brooks about the Sarajevo Haggadah. I recently heard that this beautiful old text is in danger because there is no money to keep the Sarajevo Museum open, and all of its treasures are in jeopardy.

Lovely work,


Penhallow Street said...

Stunning--simply stunning!

Sonia said...

Your work always inspires. I also enjoy Anne Bagby's art, so this particular piece brings double the pleasure. It works really well.